9-14-2020Turn 10K Into 120K
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Turn 10K into 120K With Our
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Before the Pandemic hit we had won:


19 Straight Sunday's
and our record in that time was 42-15-1.

We won this past Sunday with the Raiders and Seahawks and we have another Casino Club Play available lined up this week.

Our 4th Casino Club Game in College Hoops as Dayton -3.5 killed Rhode Island by 27. We were 4-0 on our top rated acquired Casino Club Information in College Hoops

Casino Club Play #3 was an easy win as we went back to Richmond at -4.5 over LaSalle and the final score was 74-47.

Casino Club College Hoops Lock #2 was a success as Richmond - 9 destroyed LaSalle by 18. Casino Club Play #1 could have gone either way with Stanford -2.5 beating Washington by 5

We won 15 out of the 17 NFL Regular Season Weeks last year and went a perfect 8-0 on our top rated NFL Casino Club Plays. 

We also won all 4 NFL Playoff Weeks!

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