Each Week Chris Hodge hosts the Taking Vegas Radio show sponsored by WeTalkSports.com in multiple markets all throughout the USA. The premise of the show is to explain how to make money wagering on sporting events.

The sports wagering market can be beat as long as you have the information needed to help you along. Chris breaks down all the top match-ups and gives a free pick at the end of the show but most importantly he explains the weaknesses of the Casino as well as the weaknesses the individual sports investor has.

The Casino and Sportsbooks are your opponent and unless you understand your opponent completely, you'll suffer a loss. Chris and the team over at Taking Vegas will help you beat this opponent. 

Our success is not only based off of our analytical programs and hard work but our rock solid information as well. You can't win every game but you can damn sure win enough of them to quickly turn a profit.

This is a great country we live as it allows us to control our own destiny. There is no better way to control your own destiny than by wagering responsibly on sports. It's easy money if done correctly and Chris will give you the tricks of the trade to become successful

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